Real Estate

Real estate, whether residential or agricultural property, office/retail space, a mixed-use development or an industrial facility, often represents the largest asset most people or businesses will ever own or lease and the greatest commitment of capital they will ever make.  The terms of that acquisition or lease therefore constitute one of the most important financial decisions they will ever face, requiring sound, competent advice.  Our real estate attorneys offer complete service to property owners, developers, investors and lenders in acquiring, developing, financing, managing and disposing of real estate.

Projects handled by our attorneys include acquisition, as well as construction and long-term financing, for single and multi-family homes and apartments, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, condominiums, residential and resort projects, and mixed-use developments. In order to ensure that our clients’ acquisition or use of property does not create undue exposure for them, we also provide guidance regarding potential environmental issues, including CERCLA liability, as well as representation in environmental litigation, where needed

Our services also include assisting with 1031 exchanges and evaluating and coordinating with qualified intermediaries.  For existing projects, we offer experience in residential, commercial, industrial and retail leasing, property management issues, landlord-tenant disputes, sale/leasebacks, and, where required, foreclosure and eviction proceedings.

Our lawyers are experienced in resolving land title and boundary disputes, including the preparation of title opinions and addressing questions related to insurance coverage, and they augment those services with guidance and representation in connection with the acquisition of property through condemnation or eminent domain.